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Founded in 1999, GROUPE TITANAIR specializes in Indoor Air Quality and offers air filtration solutions for building ventilation and air conditioning systems, including air handling units (AHUs), rooftops, heat pumps, and ventilation systems… As a partner to major players in the HVAC industry in France, GROUPE TITANAIR designs and manufactures innovative solutions that combine filtration efficiency and airflow performance to address energy consumption and Indoor Air Quality challenges in the building sector. As a French manufacturer of ventilation air filters, GROUPE TITANAIR serves various customer profiles:
  • Ventilation system manufacturers such as AHUs, rooftops, and ventilation systems.
  • Maintenance companies (operators, facility management, …).
  • End-users (industrial facilities, hospitals, hotels, …).
In addition to innovation, product quality, and service reliability have been at the core of Groupe Titanair’s development for over 20 years.

Service Quality

Responsiveness: Short response times
High Service Level with on-time delivery
Customized Logistics: Pallet and parcel tracking, ...


Low Energy Consumption Solutions
Health Protection
Product Quality


Innovative Solutions every year: new, more efficient fibers, filters combined with activated carbon, air purifiers, ...
Continuous Development of our products to enhance equipment performance

Groupe Titanair
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Main applications

GROUPE TITANAIR designs and manufactures ventilation air filters for all types of applications whenever filtration is required for equipment protection or indoor air quality (IAQ). GROUPE TITANAIR primarily serves four sectors of activity:
Filtre à air de ventilation pour bâtiment tertiaire et Établissement recevant du public (ERP)
Commercial and public buildings
Filtre à air de ventilation pour bâtiment résidentiel et habitation
Filtre à air de ventilation pour l'industrie.
Industrial buildings
Filtre à air absolus pour hôpitaux et laboratoires.
Healthcare buildings and laboratories

Our Quality commitment

ISO 9001 certified company since 2017. Our company’s commitment is to deliver high-quality products and services at competitive rates. Precise monitoring of manufacturing and control processes. Continuous improvement of our solutions.

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