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Filtre à air de ventilation pour centrale de traitement d'air (CTA) VMC et rooftop


First-level filtration designed to capture coarse particles (pollen, leaves, insects, etc.) in the building’s ventilation and air conditioning system.


High-efficiency compact mini-pleat filters designed to capture fine particles (<1µm).


Flexible bag filters designed to capture coarse dust and fine particles. High retention capacity.


High and very high-efficiency filters for sensitive buildings such as medical facilities, cleanrooms, and laboratories. Efficiency up to H14 according to EN1822 standard.

Filtre à air de ventilation pour centrale de traitement d'air (CTA) et VMC
Absolute filters
Absolute air filters for hospitals and clean room

Very high-efficiency air filters for sensitive facilities such as medical buildings, cleanrooms, and laboratories..

Efficiency up to H14 in accordance with EN1822 standard.

Bag filters
TITABAG bag filter for building ventilation.

Bag filters for coarse dust and fine particles filtration.

High retention capacity.

Air prefilter to mount in AHUs for building ventilation

First filtration barrier to catch coarse dust (insects, pollens) in the ventilation system

Minipleat filters
Minipleat air filter with low pressure drop. Energy saving in the ventilation system

Minipleat air filtrer to capture fine particles (PM1) in the ventilation system.

Types of air filters and their application

There are various types of filters, each suited for specific applications:

  • Prefilters: Efficiencies G2, G3, and G4 (from Coarse 40% to Coarse 65%). They are used to capture large dust particles and protect the components of ventilation systems.
  • Fine filters: Efficiencies M5, M6, F7, F8, and F9 or ePM10 50% up to ePM1 80% according to ISO16890 standard. They are used to capture fine particles (invisible to the naked eye), thus contributing to improved indoor air quality.
  • Absolute filters (Efficiencies E10, E11, E12, H13, H14): They are used in critical applications where a high level of air purification is required, such as clean rooms and hospitals. These filters capture ultrafine particles.

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Our solutions of air purifier

EDELWEISS is a standalone air purifier that can treat and “clean” the air in a room up to 50m².

Quickly eliminate odors, allergens, and air pollution in your office, living room, or living space.

EDELWEISS is based on a triple filtration system effective against viruses, bacteria, VOCs, and fine particles.

Différents types de filtres à air de ventilation

The importance of air filters in building ventilation.

There are different types of filters, each tailored to specific applications: Air filters play a crucial role in building ventilation by providing healthy indoor air and protecting ventilation system components.

Indeed, air filters are used in Air Handling Units (AHUs) and rooftops to remove fine particles and other air contaminants, ensuring excellent indoor air quality.

Moreover, they contribute to human health protection by purifying the air we breathe and preventing allergies and respiratory diseases through effective ventilation and air renewal.

How to determine the performance of an air filter?

The performance of an air filter is determined by several factors, including its filtration efficiency and pressure drop. The pressure drop of an air filter represents its air resistance. The higher it is, the more energy the ventilation system will consume to circulate air within the building.

Therefore, it is crucial to choose an air filter with low pressure drop and laboratory-certified according to current standards to reduce energy consumption associated with ventilation.

Regular replacement of air filters is essential to maintain the performance of your HVAC system.

Environmental compliance

Reduction of plastic wastes (refillable air filters).

Energy Saving

Air filters with low pressure drop to reduce energy consumption.


Improvement of Air Quality to protect building occupants.


M1 fire rating (French standard) for all our air filters.

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